Conversion of MF “Fannefjord”

Conversion of MF “Fannefjord”

MF “Fannefjord” rebuilt for LNG/battery hybrid vessel.  This solution represents future possibilities in converting existing ships to future-oriented environmentally friendly vessels.

– Fiskerstrand Verft AS installed the battery pack on board MF “Fannefjord” in the period March/April 2015
– Close collaboration between the shipyard, Fjord1, designer and electrical supplier
– Continuous dialogue with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMA) to comply with regulations

Installation criteria:
– Gas-tight battery container built and integrated into ships
– Emergency ventilation, Ex-zone with in/out air
– Internal cooling
– Water mist and sprinkler system for firefighting
– EX equipment inside the container
– Detection of gas, smoke, heat.
– Camera surveillance.

Result effect:
– The LNG generator is run with optimal load at the crossing and terminal
– At quay/terminal calls, the generator supplies power to a battery pack
– After ESS Installation, MF “Fannefjord” runs 80% of sailing time with 1 LNG Generator
– Battery pack replaces 1 GG in operation during oversailing.

Benefits :
– Reduced emission of CO2
– Reduced operation / maintenance costs of GG
– Noticeable reduction in fuel costs