For more than 30 years, docking has been an important part of the Fiskerstrand service concept. The dock is one of our most valuable assets. If you have a problem, need regular service or critical emergency assistance, make Fiskerstrand your first port to call.

One of our specialties.

We have docked more than 1400 vessels without any problems, accidents or interruptions. Regular service or emergency assistance is carried out on costal express ships, shuttle ferries, fishing vessels, navy- and supply offshore vessels - all a part of our everyday work.

Solving unexpected challenges is extremely exciting. That is exactly what we have been doing for a Whole Century.

Our dock facility is continuously updated to fulfil new demands and complete new assignments to the satisfaction of our Clients. 

Floating dock dimensions:

- Accomodating vessels up to 150 m
- Internal dock width 24 m
- Docking Depth 7 m
- Lifting capacity dock 7500 t
- Crane 7.5 t 


Risevegen 23 - N-6035 Fiskarstrand