about us

Fiskerstrand was founded in 1909 and has been a strong company for more than one hundred years.
The Fiskerstrand enterprise is a combined repair- and newbuilding shipyard, based on competency and quality. 
Motivated by founder Peder E. Fiskerstrand's  statement, “The work shall be carried out properly. The vessel will be out on the high seas in all kinds of weather and both the vessel and the crew shall return safely home.”

We have the knowledge on technology, efficient production, equipment and facilities in an environmentally sharp focused market.


Competing in an international ever changing market requires both will and ability to innovate for the next level. Innovative skills and an eye for solutions have placed Fiskerstrand amongst the front runners when it comes to expertise, technology application and environmental issues.  
Modern demanding markets focus on knowledge and technology constantly challenging for multidisciplinary expertise and collaboration capacity. To create leverage and remain a strong  and credible brand, Fiskerstrand has over the years developed  excellent working relationships with leading key suppliers on a multitude of system solutions. 

Our values are:
Quality – reliability– including – renewable.

Fiskerstrand has competitive knowledge on projecting, planning and building of innovative vessels.

This region of Norway prides itself on having one of the largest and most progressive maritime clusters in the world, and considerable numbers of companies specialising in shipdesign, shipbuilding and ship equipment are located here. The region retains a unique well of maritime expertise, both in terms of skilled manpower and technology.

Risevegen 23 - N-6035 Fiskarstrand