Fiskerstrand Verft will operate its activities in such a way that the environment is minimized. The yard will comply with applicable laws and regulations and will, within a proper financially limit, ame to find new solutions to reduce emissions and waste. This requires, inter alia, constructive cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners. We want to prioritize open communication with employees, the local community and the authorities on environmental issues.


Fiskerstrand Verft AS prioritizes research and development, as well as work on developing new ship concepts in fisheries, ships built for aquaculture and car- / passenger transport. Cooperation with shipping.Companies and research environments such as NTNU and SINTEF has provided a broad range of expertise and good results. In this work, emphasis has been placed on the experience the company has in environmental matters, energy economics and effective concepts.  Fiskerstrand Verft AS has worked systematically with environmental registrations for 15 years. The internal control system at Fiskerstrand Verft AS has procedures for monitoring the environmental condition at the yard, as well as established procedures for registration and improvement measures.

Risevegen 23 - N-6035 Fiskarstrand