Fiskerstrand Verft AS
Fiskerstrand Verft AS is a competitive and reliable yard located in Sula municipality, 22 km from Aalesund on the northwest coast of Norway.

The Yard

This region of Norway prides itself on having one of the largest and most progressive maritime clusters in the world, and considerable numbers of companies specialising in ships and shipping equipment are located here. The region retains a unique well of maritime expertise, both in terms of skilled manpower and technology.

The yard is constantly being expanded and upgraded to meet new challenges, and is at the forefront in terms of technology and good working conditions within our industry.

In fact, local history reflects how much importance the region places on professionalism, teamwork and creative marketing. Our own history illustrates our growth and shows how we have progressed into a competitive and renowned shipyard.

The shipyard encompasses over 50.000m2, and features a 5.000m2 large machine park with production workshops and other building.

Fiskerstrand Verft AS can offer you:
  • 300m quayside with rail cranes, 60t, 20t, 20t and 2,5t
  • New stationary crane (25t capacity)
  • 120 m quayside with partly crane coverage
  • Construction berth: 110 m x 23 m
  • Dry dock facility for vessels up to 150 m
  • Machinery and equipment both mobile and stationary on a large scale for large dimensions
  • Modern equipment for troubleshooting, adjustment and checking of machinery without disassembly

Drydock dimensions:

  • Accommodate for vessels up to 150 m
  • Internal width of dock 24 m
  • Docking depth 7 m
  • Lifting capacity 7000 tonnes
  • Cranes 7,5 tons / 6,6m,  3 tons/26m
In 2009 we are 100 years old.
The yard was founded in 1909 by Peder E.Fiskerstrand and was then called Fiskerstrand Slip & Motorverksted.

From its humble beginnings, the yard has enjoyed a steadily increasing order book over the years. In 2005, we will approx. have a pre-tax turnover of $36million. The yard has 140 employees, and in addition, a further supply years in the local region result from the use of subcontractors within electrical, interior/painting and temporary workers in other trades during busy periods. Our total workforce can sometimes amount to as many as 180 to 250 workers daily at the yard. The yard itself is constantly being expanded and upgraded in order to meet new challenges, and we are at the forefront in terms of technology and good working conditions within our industry. This is vital to ensure our competitive edge and safeguard efficiency, and moreover to attract the highest calibre of personnel. We often have to devise our own solutions in the case of some of our most specialised processes.
Our workforce processes vast experience and wide-ranging expertise, with an exceptional flair for integrating "old knowledge" with new technology.
Tibe Ålesund